My name is Matt! Thanks for coming by and visiting the 50mm experiment.

My interest in photography started on my first trip to Australia, when all I had was an automatic film camera. I saw Peter Lik’s beautiful panoramas and I decided that I’d rather have my own photography hanging on my walls rather than buying someone else’s for hundreds of dollars (even though they are incredibly beautiful!).

So that began my quest to get a better camera. It started with a small Pentax point and shoot and after a couple years I upgraded to a Canon superzoom. With both I was able to get some nice photographs, but I was pinning for a DSLR. It’s just that it didn’t fit my budget. In around 2007 (?) I finally took the plunge and bought a D90 and 2 lenses (18-200 superzoom and the 50mm f1.8). I loved my 50mm right away because I was able to get the look I wanted in a lens that was incredible value for the price.

Originally I wanted to do wildlife photography – only until I found out how expensive long lenses actually are! šŸ˜› So I got into landscapes instead. Inspired both by Peter Lik and other photographers on Flickr, I bought a wide angle lens to improve my landscape photography. Over the years I’ve added to my kit, my skill set and have experience in a wide variety of photographic areas. Today, I enjoy all sorts of photography and love to try new things and see how they work. They’re not always successful of course, but each time I do learn a bit more.

I love photography even though at time I find it difficult to get out there when I’m busy with work and other life things. So I guess that’s part of what this project is about. Making a commitment to my photography and taking steps to improve it.

I hope you enjoy what you see and read! šŸ™‚




One Comment on “Photographer”

  1. Steve says:

    Have a look at Steve Parish’s work. He is a very famous Australian photographer. You may find some inspiration in his work.

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