50mm – From the view of a Challenge Participant

Consistent 50mm Experiment Challenge participant John Milton was kind enough to write a detailed response to my last post.

There was a few golden nuggets for people contemplating whether or not to participate in the challenges:

Benefit #1 – New Skills

“For me the challenges are all about learning new skills.” “I get out & about far more than I did, from following some of Matts advice. I practice, I experiment, I look at things a lot differently. “

Benefit #2 – Feedback

“The feedback is what I like. Its enough to make you think about your picture, to challenge you for next time. Take on the advice & learn. Its the bit I look forward too.”

You don’t need to own a 50mm lens

“Having a 50mm lens is not necessary. I used a 24-105 to start. Only recently having had fun in the challenges did I go out & buy a cheap & cheerful 50mm. I’m using it all the time now.”

John also talks a bit about his preferences for the length of the challenges and how he overcomes his own busy schedule to find time to take photos. Have a look at his full response.


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