50mm – Poll Results, what you’re saying

For the past couple weeks, I’ve had an ongoing poll on the 50mm Experiment to try to find out ways I can improve the Challenges.

This post will deal with what the results were. Have a read through and think about how you would interpret it. I will be posting my interpretation in the next couple days.

Question 1: Are you interested in participating in the 50mm Experiment Challenges?

The Results:

Over 50% of respondents are interested and/or planning on participating in future challenges. Another 27% aren’t yet fully convinced and are only somewhat interested. Out of the 11 respondents, only one said they were not at all interested in participating.

Question 2: Why have you chosen NOT to participate in the 50mm Challenges

The Results:

The number one reason people haven’t participated is because they don’t have time (29%). Interestingly, they don’t see this as a function of the time frame as only 7% said that two weeks isn’t long enough.

21% said they don’t own a 50mm lens while 14% said that the quality of the photos  and another 14%  that they’re not really into challenges. 7% of respondents replied that they didn’t know where to start and another 7% weren’t sure how it would help them become a better photographer.

None of the other responses had any votes.

So, what do you think you would do with the data above? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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