50mm – Improve your photos by giving them a context

Selling Salad : : Lonsdale Hydroponics : : Victoria Australia

1/320 sec at f2.8, ISO 200
Edited in Lightroom 3

Please don’t forget to respond to the 50mm Challenge Poll – even if you’re new to this blog! The poll will be tallied at the end of this month.

This week’s posts will be dedicated to another blog I’ve been working on: 31 Ways.

I love doing abstract photography. I also love zeroing in on specific details of things that people might usually miss. However, for an effective series, you’re likely going to need a couple of photos to give the reader some context – give it some meaning or point of reference.

Here I’ve included the chalk board at the market outlet of the Lonsdale Hydroponic Farm. It shows you the front end of what was mostly a behind the scene shoot. What it gives the reader is an idea of what Lonsdale Hydroponics is all about – great fresh produce.

This is the last post dealing with the Lonsdale Hydroponics series photos that I took for my blog 31 Ways. Like I mentioned in the first post, 18 of the 31 were taken using the 50mm lens. That means that there’s another 11 photos using the 50mm lens in the April 30 – can you find them all?


2 Comments on “50mm – Improve your photos by giving them a context”

  1. rachel jane says:

    I have a salad recipe coming up! Maybe I should use a photo like this!?

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