50mm – Look at all the nooks and crannys; dirt can be photogenic

Dirty Tomato : : Lonsdale Hydroponics : : Victoria, Australia

1/640 sec at f2.8, ISO 200
Edited in Lightroom 3

Please don’t forget to respond to the 50mm Challenge Poll – even if you’re new to this blog! The poll will be tallied at the end of this month.

This week’s posts will be dedicated to another blog I’ve been working on: 31 Ways.

Generally I wouldn’t be taking photos of dirty tomatoes. However, when faced with the challenge of taking 31 interesting photos of a subject, you start to see how things like this can be photographically beautiful. I like how some of the dirt on the pipe has water spray on it and how nice the tomato is even though it is covered in dirt.

Have a look in the nooks & crannys next time and you might be surprised with what you find.


3 Comments on “50mm – Look at all the nooks and crannys; dirt can be photogenic”

  1. miltonjohns says:

    I love the way you see things so differently. Really makes you think. I wouldn’t have given this a second look until now. I’d have washed it first!! Great shot. 🙂

    • vera says:

      Right on.

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Thanks John! I really find the project of 31 Ways helpful in developing my eye and forcing myself to look at things differently. I try not to change things from how they are. The most I’ve ever really done is remove sticks from waterfalls (although I don’t always remember to do that….)

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