50mm – Look beyond your subject to the things surrounding it

Pipes : : Lonsdale Hydroponics : : Victoria, Australia

1/250 sec at f4.0, ISO 200
Edited in Lightroom 3

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This week’s posts will be dedicated to another blog I’ve been working on: 31 Ways.

There’s a lot of beautiful red tomatos and green lettuce to take photos of in a greenhouse. Just remember that they aren’t the only photogenic thing that’s contained in that greenhouse. By taking photos of the things surrounding your subjects, you develop a better overall eye and will be able to pick out these details next time you’re out shooting. You’ll also find that if you’re ever thinking of putting together a series of photos that work as a story, these types of shots will be invaluable for providing context for the viewer.


2 Comments on “50mm – Look beyond your subject to the things surrounding it”

  1. vera says:

    I totally agree. Quite often, I do take pictures in order to be able to later “tell a story”… When travelling, I will take pictures of signs (or license plates or whatever), that will later be part of the story.

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