50mm – Using Odd Numbers

3:1 Lettuce Plants : : Lonsdale Hydroponics : : Victoria, Australia

1/2500 sec at f1.8, ISO 200
Edited in Lightroom 3

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This week’s posts will be dedicated to another blog I’ve been working on: 31 Ways.

The whole idea behind this photo was to have the one out of focus plant with 3 out of focus plants behind it. I know, I know, it equals 4 – and that’s not an odd number! However each of the elements sits in an odd numbered arrangement.

I was told years ago that when posting a series of photos, odd numbers tend to be more visually pleasing. Remember though that this is NOT a rule. It is just something to keep in mind when you’re shooting or presenting your work. Sometimes even numbers can work (such as a collection of 4 images put into a square  layout (some could argue that layout mimics having only 1 photo).

Hmmmmm, I don’t think that post was as clear as I had planned, but I guess we all have those days…

To attempt to be more clear: When taking photos, thinking of elements in odd numbered groupings can be helpful when deciding how many elements to include in your scene. You don’t always have to use odd numbers, but thinking about using odd numbers will slow you down enough to contemplate what is best for the photo you’re imagining in your head!


One Comment on “50mm – Using Odd Numbers”

  1. rachel jane says:

    Subtle but brilliant!

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