50mm – A current thanks, a belated thanks and a confession

I have been very lucky to have a dedicated number of readers and a few who are dedicated to participating in both comments and challenges.

The Current Thanks

I just found out that I’ve been chosen as one of the recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award* by John Miltons. John is one of those people who had gone head first into every challenge posted thus far. He is also one who isn’t afraid to post a comment or a question. I truly appreciate his valuable addition to this blog.

I’ve already written about one of my favourite posts that John has shared over at his blog elsewhere, and it still inspires me. I know that John recently added a 50mm lens to his arsenal and he’s already taking some great shots with it. Be sure to check out his blog!

The Belated Thanks

Back in January, Nicole Ftacnik chose me as on of her recipients for the very same award. I had already begun my travels and did not get word of her nomination until late February. I thanked her immediately on her post, but haven’t thanked her publicly. I should have. So hopefully it is better late than never. Thank you for the award Nicole!

Nicole has a lot of great images over on her blog and I consistently find it to have great photos and interesting viewpoints. Have a look!

The Confession

I’m not sure how to write this with out it coming off sounding “wrong”, but here goes nothing. Don’t hate me!

I don’t read (literally) the majority of the blogs I follow.

I feel terrible saying it. Before you quickly unfollow my blog out of anger, know that I do look at the photos of the blogs I follow whenever I have enough of an internet connection to do so. I tend to “like” posts based on what I see in the photo, not what I read in the text. Am I the only one here?

This is part of the reason I don’t feel that I can nominate others as winners of this award like you’re “supposed to do”. I do read blogs, and there’s a few I read quite often.

However the vast majority I just look at the pretty pictures.

I think I’ve felt guilty about this ever since I was mentioned by Rebecca Latson in her aptly titled (well aptly titled if you’re trying to make me feel bad) post: I Don’t Just Write Blog Posts; I read them. Of course it is not her fault that I feel guilty. It is more because I want to connect with people but the limited internet time I have while traveling is dedicated to creating content with only some time left over to look at the other great stuff out there. And I know there’s a lot of great stuff out there. Rebecca has a bunch on her blog!

Now I feel like I’m coming clean to all of you. I am sorry that I don’t always give your blog posts the attention they deserve. I do enjoy looking at what you’re creating and am glad to be following your blog.

PS If you’re a follower of this blog and I don’t see I post in the comment section below from you – I’m going to assume that you just look at the pretty pictures like me!


* John actually nominated me as Korinek Photography which would include all of my various blogs. Here’s a quick list:
  • Korinek Photography Photo of the Day – my very best work, served up fresh daily.
  • Photo Proventure – a blog about being a Pro Photographer.
  • 31 Ways – 1 subject, 2 posts, 31 photos – unlimited angles.
  • On the Road with Cliff – I’m traveling around Australia in a campervan named Cliff. This is a fun one about his views on life. šŸ™‚
  • 50mm Experiment – Well you’re here, so I’m guessing you know what it is about. Its everything 50mm related including challenges, information and my own experiments with a 50mm lens.

5 Comments on “50mm – A current thanks, a belated thanks and a confession”

  1. Matt – Thanks for the public “thanks”, but it wasn’t necessary. šŸ™‚

    I, too, look mostly at pictures; depending on the blog. There are a lot of talented people on here and I could literally spend all day reading, but unfortunately, that’s not going to pay my bills–I hope that doesn’t sound bad?! Also, I used to spend quite a bit of time commenting and have recently “liked” more than anything. It just depends on the day, the content, my mood, etc.

    At the end of the day, the “likes” make me feel good just like comments do… So don’t ever feel pressured to comment on my pics. šŸ™‚

    • Matt Korinek says:

      I agree that it totally depends on my mood, the day, how much time I have, etc. Thanks for sharing and making me feel more comfortable with something I felt badly about.

      I find that it is easiest to like a post when I go to the “read blog” section of my dashboard, since I can like immediately. Since I’m working off a mobile phone network internet stick, I find it annoying at times that when I go to someone’s main blog page I can’t like a post unless I click on the post itself. It would be sweet if wordpress put the like buttons on the main blog page for each post as well.

  2. miltonjohns says:

    Great post Matt, as always.

    I have to confess that I also “like” a lot. I do also comment on the photo’s that inspire me to improve my pictures, sometimes with only a “love this” or “lovely picture” but you can normally read into the comment “I wish I had taken this shot” & “I’m going to try that”
    Reading the blogs takes time, but the ones that have great content which includes the how & where are the ones I take a lot of notice of. That’s how I improve my photography.

    I’m with Nicole though in her last comment. The number of likes tell me how I am doing, the comments are a huge bonus. šŸ™‚

    Thanks as always for your support. I truly value every “like”

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Haha – I love your translation of your comments. I think that would make a great post!

      I definitely agree. There has to be some value added to my own photography for me to read it. I’m generally more interested in how people got their photos and what they learned than the stories about their trip etc (unless they’re shot and sweet!). True that great content is the key, although how do you know unless someone is consistently putting up great content or they have some awesomely captivating title (I suppose that’s why people say that titles are so important…).

      I also see the number of likes as support from readers (or other passers by).

      Thank you and Nicole for your continuing support as well. If my blog ever isn’t living up to expectations I hope you let me know!

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