50mm – Just a little bit of magic goes a long way

Magician - Festivale - Launceston, Tasmania1/250 sec at f2.8, ISO 200
Edited in Lightroom 3

One of the roving buskers at the Festivale was a magician (I can’t remember his name, and am unable to find it online). I find Magicians speak to the kid in all of us.

This is the classic bending wand trick. The wand is solid as the magician hands it to the assistant, but it instantly goes limp in their hands.

This scene was much brighter in real life. I had to desaturate this photo, because I found the bright colours too distracting to what was going on.


4 Comments on “50mm – Just a little bit of magic goes a long way”

  1. vk says:

    This really captures the mindset of the two participants. The sheer joy of the magician and the uncertainty of the assistant about what is really going on…

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Thanks – I feel like I captured a great moment between the two as well. I had thought about submitting this one to the contest, but then decided with the other two.

  2. I’ve been poking around your blog and these are all great photos! Makes me want to get a 50mm prime. 🙂

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Thanks for the feedback – glad you like the photos!

      The 50mm prime definitely gives me the best bang for my buck out of all my gear. Can’t go wrong with spending 100-150 dollars for the f1.8.

      Just ask John Milton. He wrote a post about buying one (partially because of what he saw on this blog as well) over at his wordpress blog.

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