50mm – Use your tools. That’s what you bought them for right?

Here’s post #8 in the series.

Use your tools. That's why you bougtht them right? Love from Tassie Water Bottle
1/200 sec at f11, ISO 200
SB700 Flash shot through the bottom of the bottle
Edited in Lightroom 3

We all done it. Bought a piece of camera gear that just collects dust in the corner because we’re not sure what to do with it. This last tip is for the next challenge. Take out that reflector, flash, tripod, whatever else that you maybe don’t use so often. Take the challenge as an opportunity to grow photographically and get out of your comfort zone.

In the photo above I just decided to play around with my flash a bit and shot it through the base of the bottle. It not only lights up the bottle, but the light spills out and illuminates the pine needles surrounding it.

0 days remaining to submit your photos for the March 2012 Challenge: Water. Please submit your photos to the flickr group or by email to photography@koreweb.com by midnight tonight.


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