Example 3: Looking over Wineglass Bay

Here’s a photo taken at 42mm = 63mm equivalent:

Looking over Wineglass Bay - Freycinet National Park - Tasmania, Australia

1/125 sec at f8.0, ISO 200
Edited & Cropped in Lightroom 4

Why am I posting another example? Well because I want you to compare today’s photo with tomorrow’s. You might think that they’re taken with two different lenses, or have two different angles of view. They do not. In fact they are at the exact same focal length. The main difference is where I (the photographer) was standing in relation to the subject (Rachel Jane).

This photo is part of a series on focal length, angle of view, crop factor and focal length multiplier that starts here.

The purpose of this series is to provide background information for those wanting to participate in the 50mm Experiment Challenges.

March 2012 Challenge: Water is here.


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