50mm – March 2012 Challenge – Water

False Waterfall Cascade at Friendly Beaches near Freycinet National Park, Tasmania


Capture a photo where water is either the main subject or obviously enhances another subject.


You must use at least one of the following:

  • A 50mm prime lens
  • A zoom lens at the 50mm focal length
  • The 50mm equivalent for your type of camera

If you are not sure if you qualify, stay tuned to the blog over the next week as I will be explaining the requirements in detail. Even people with a point and shoot can enter.

I will be checking the exif data to make sure everyone is at the correct focal length. If you do edit your photo using software, make sure to include the exif data.

Otherwise, everything else is fair game. Usage of other photographic tools is allowed and in fact encouraged! Just make sure that you include that information with your submission.

Submit your 50mm Challenge Entry in the 50mm Experiment Flickr GroupSubmission:

All photos should be submitted to the Flickr Group OR email photography@koreweb.com. Please tag all flickr submissions with “50mm Experiment”. Submissions remain property of the person who submitted the work and they give permission to the 50mm Experiment to post the submission on this blog.

Only 2 submissions allowed per photographer and you can only submit a photo you have taken from when the challenge begins (now!). The 2 submissions DO NOT have to be of the same subject – please submit two completely different photos!

By when:

Please have your photo(s) submitted by end of day Monday, April 2, 2012; midnight in whatever time zone you live.


At this point, these are the benefits I can offer you for entering the challenge:

  • The winner will get exposure to their blog by having their winning photo posted here. Links will be included which help in Search Engine Optimization for the winner’s blog.
  • If you enter on Flickr, there’s the opportunity to get feedback from other challenge participants. I hope that everyone takes the time to comment other the work of their fellow photographers.
  • Challenging yourself will help improve your photography. Especially since the focal length is set, you will have to move your feet. This will be invaluable to you!

If you have any questions, post below. I look forward to seeing what you capture!



7 Comments on “50mm – March 2012 Challenge – Water”

  1. […] take a look at Matts blog. Some great advice & wonderful pictures to look at. Have a go at the 50mm Experiment Challenge. Nothing educates you more than challenging yourself. Enjoy. Rate this: Share […]

  2. rachel jane says:

    I would like some clarification if I may! “Where water is the main subject, or enhances the subject” – this could be open to interpretation? Say, if I love food photography, could I have water in some way to enhance a food subject?

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Great question Rachel!

      It is totally open to interpretation. I make the subject general to see what kind of creativity it fuels in people. So yes, if you love food photography and want to use water to enhance your subject you can!

      It has to obviously be water though. Fruit and veggies have water inherently in them, but just taking a picture of a pear wouldn’t count. Using actual water to enhance the pear would. Does that help?

  3. Matt Korinek says:

    Yes – exactly! I could explain it as using elemental water. Could be ice or snow as they are forms of water. But a glass of orange juice isn’t water even though it contains water. Add some ice and condensation on the glass and we’re talking!

    You could have you fruit floating in a bowl of water – the possibilities are endless!

  4. vk says:

    I will not be participating. However, I am enjoying your posts and discussions tremendously. What an interesting series of hints 🙂


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