50mm – March 2012 Challenge Preview

False Waterfall Cascade at Friendly Beaches near Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

False Waterfall Casade – Friendly Beaches
Near Freycinet National Park – Tasmania, Australia

30 sec at f16, ISO 100
Edited in Lightroom 3
Captured January 31, 2012

See Will BartonI do use ISO 100 from time to time!

Later on today (well today for me, but it’ll be tomorrow for most of you) I will be posting the March 2012 Challenge.

The photo above is just a taste of what the challenge might be about. Can you figure it out?

I hope you chose to accept the challenge!


4 Comments on “50mm – March 2012 Challenge Preview”

  1. wow, just beautiful!!!!!!

  2. Will says:

    Haha I only just saw your reference to me! It’s hard to tell from such a small photo, but is there a noticeable reduction in DR with the 100?

    Good shot btw

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Thanks Will.

      Well in order to see a noticeable difference I’d need to compare shots of the same thing at the same exposure taken at 100 and 200. I haven’t so I can’t really say.

      I would say I loose some ability to bring back the highlights in RAW, but that could be subjective.

      Most of the time I don’t mind being at ISO 200 as it keeps my shutter speed up and there is no noticable noise.

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