Korinek Photography Collaborator “Rachel Jane” gets published!

Fellow Blogger Rachel Jane (of Two Loves and Sugar n Stripes) recently found out that her recipe of Coconut Chocolate Truffles was published on the website Baby Lifestyles.

Not only is the recipe a great one (I got to try them), but it is awesome to see a friend being noticed an acknowledged for her work!

She’s not the only one getting a bit of exposure, as the photos for the recipe were taken by me with my trusty 50mm!

Check out her brand new blog Two Loves (which looks awesome) as she embarks on a new journey into food styling and photography. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she creates!

Two Loves Studio

One of my best recipes and posts on my Sugar N Stripes blog was my Blue n Pink Coconut Truffles post.
I believe this is due to the fabulously easy recipe, the styling and photography of the dish.
The photos truly reveal the delightful nature of this recipe. Baby Lifestyles Magazine thought so too. They subsequently approached me about sharing my recipe and photos on their website and I agreed.
Whilst I can not take credit for the photos, they were taken by Korinek Photography, I can take credit in preparing and styling the dish. I makes me excited to know that my work is good enough to be noticed by others and republished! I hope to continue this on twoloves.
Take a look at my original post on Sugar N Stripes or the full article on Baby Lifestyles.

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