50mm – Response to Photo Editing Question

50mm Experiment subscriber vk asked a a questions regarding the post processing technique I used on this photo.

Here’s what she wanted to know:

It looks like it is taken at night, but it is not is it? Is this the editing in Lightrooom that makes this effect? I wonder what the original looks like…

So vk, here’s the original with no post processing applied:

Port Arthur Prison Bar Sunstars Original Unedited1/640 sec at f16, ISO 200
Captured January 28, 2012

No, it wasn’t taken at night, and although editing in Lightroom magnifies the effect, it isn’t a Lightroom filter either!

I purposely underexposed the photo. This was to maximize the effect of the sunstars that I knew I could get by using a small aperture (in this case f16) on my 50mm f1.8 lens.

What I didn’t like is the blue coloured flare and faded colour due to underexposure took away from the photo. Often when I see colour taking away from a photo, I will switch to Black & White. So with a bit of tweaking, I got the final image:

1/640 sec at f16, ISO 200
Edited in Lightroom
Captured January 28, 2012

If you have any questions about this or any other photo I’ve taken, please ask!

Post 1 – Port Arthur Prison Ruins & Background Information
Post 2 – Port Arthur Prison Bar Sunstars – black & white
Post 2b – Response to Photo Editing Question
Post 3 – Port Arthur Prison Ruins – black and white
Post 4 – Port Arthur Prison Bar Sunstars
Post 5 – Port Arthur Prison Bars
Post 6 – Port Arthur Guard Tower


2 Comments on “50mm – Response to Photo Editing Question”

  1. vk says:

    I see! Thank you and I see that the B/W photo has a more dramatic effect than the original.

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