50mm – Product Shot for the Acratech Viewing Angle Gauge Review

Photo Proventure Review - Acratech Viewing Angle Gauge

1/60 sec at f4.0, ISO 200
Edited & Cropped in Lightroom
SB700 Flash aimed up and bounced off a reflector directly above

What do you do when you’re traveling or don’t have access to a studio?

You improvise.

Have a look at the photo above; it was taken for a review of the Acratech Viewing Angle Gauge on my new blog Photo Proventure. It is an exercise in photo improv:

  1. Backdrop – Usually I’d use a pure white sheet of paper or fabric. This time I didn’t have access to either, so I made do with a white shirt I own – you can even see the texture of the fabric! Works well enough for what it was intended.
  2. Product Placement – I really, really wanted to have the viewing angle gauge standing up, but it wouldn’t cooperate. So how did I solve that? Well I tore a tissue in half, bunched it into a ball and placed it behind the right side of the product to keep it up.
  3. Lighting – Oddly enough, I decided to take this photo when I got home after hanging out with friends; it was midnight. The lights in the room weren’t adequate and bouncing off the ceiling wasn’t getting me the look I wanted. So I took my new tri grip reflector, placed it about 5 cms above the product and bounced my SB700 on an angle off that. If I had a white piece of paper I could have used that, however I’d then have to make the tough decision on whether to use it as a reflector or a backdrop! 😛

So next time you don’t think you have what you need to take a shot, have a look at what you do have and make it happen with what’s available to you!


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