50mm – Port Arthur Prison Ruins

Port Arthur Prison - Main Jail - Tasmania, Australia

1/3200 at f4.0, ISO 200
Edited in Lightroom
Captured January 28, 2012

This is the first of a series of 6 photos I’m going to share taken with my 50mm at Port Arthur Tasmania. 

Port Arthur is probably one of Australia’s most famous prisons. It was where the “worst of the worst” convicts from all of the various British colonies were incarcerated. Re-offenders were often brought here, to the remote Tasman Peninsula.

It was what they considered to be a “natual prison”. The jail was it’s own little colony tucked away in one of the bays of the peninsula. This was surrounded by thick bush that was hard to pass through. If a convict ran away and was able to get to the bush, they’d still have to make it to mainland Tasmania.

The Tasman Peninsula is also separated from the mainland by the 30m isthmus of Eaglehawk neck. Located there was the infamous “dog line” where half staved viscious dogs were chained to light posts across the neck. This in combination with man-traps, made the isthmus impassible. The dogs were even put on platforms in the water to deter convicts from crossing the water nearby. They also circulated rumours that the waters were shark infested to convince the inmates that escape was virtually impossible.

What a fascinating (albeit a bit scary) place.


Post 1 – Port Arthur Prison Ruins & Background Information
Post 2 – Port Arthur Prison Bar Sunstars – black & white
Post 2b – Response to Photo Editing Question
Post 3 – Port Arthur Prison Ruins – black & white
Post 4 – Port Arthur Prison Bar Sunstars
Post 5 – Port Arthur Prison Bars
Post 6 – Port Arthur Guard Tower


2 Comments on “50mm – Port Arthur Prison Ruins”

  1. Awesome image.. It’s great what you are doing, enjoy that trip!!

  2. Matt Korinek says:

    Thanks! It is definitely an awesome trip. Have you done much traveling?

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