Abstract Giant Dandelion

So the other day I posted on my Twitter (@korinekphoto) that I had a good day of photography out near Marangaroo, NSW. It has been a busy couple days, and therefore I’m only posting now. A lot of the shots I took were with lenses other than my 50mm, but I did take it out in order to get a couple shots for the blog.

The idea for this shot actually came from Rachel Jane, who took a very similar shot to this one as well as some other great shots. Here’s a link to a gallery of some of her shots from the day and here’s a link to a gallery of her amazing photos of the giant dandelions. These dandelions (at least they look a lot like dandelions) were bigger than my fist!

It was a windy day, which was playing havoc with my focusing distance and was getting me a bit frustrated (which wasn’t helped by the copious number of flies landing on my face!! 😛 ). Overall, I did get a few shots I was happy with. I’m still going through them, but as of right now, this is my favourite with my 50mm from the day!

Abstract Giant Dandelion

1/4000 at f2.8, ISO 400
Raynox DCR-250 Macro Adapter
Cropped & Edited in Lightroom



4 Comments on “Abstract Giant Dandelion”

  1. Beautiful shot. 🙂

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  3. vk says:

    wow. Great pictures, they do look like dandelions on steroids!
    And a great re-direct to Rachel’s site, her shots are great as well!

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