Bassburger Product Shots

I love products that not only work as advertized, but exceed your expectations.

The Moshi Bassburger is a great little, portable speaker that you can plus into various devices. I find the sound quality excellent and I would easily recommend it to friends!

I’m thinking I might even review this speaker system at some point since I like it so much. But for now, I just thought I’d share some photos that I took of the Bassburger to capture its interesting design.

Moshi Bassburger Product Shot          Moshi Bassburger Product Shot

Moshi Bassburger Product Shot          Moshi Bassburger Product Shot

Moshi Bassburger Product Shot          Moshi Bassburger Product Shot

All 1/200 sec at f8.0-f11, ISO 200
Placed onto a Lumiquest Softbox III on an SB700
Sb600 triggered off camera & on camera flash for fill
Edited & Cropped in Lightroom & Nik Software’s Viveza
Top Left shot with Raynox DCR-200 Macro Adapter

I have to say that I don’t think these worked out as well as the Manfrotto Tripod pics that I took the other day. There’s a couple things that seemed to cause me some issues:

  1. The surface of the Bassburger is some type of matte paint. It looks awesome in person, but I wasn’t able to capture it accurately in my photos, and i found that I had troubles lighting it evenly. So there’s some major variations of red in the photos although the bassburger is a uniform colour.
  2. I like the idea of placing it on a lightboard (I used the Lumiquest Softbox III for this), but I don’t know if it quite worked out the way I wanted it too. I think that it is a bit too bright, and I’m not sure how I could have changed that as I was already working at the lowest power (1/128).
  3. The flashes washed out the bright green “on” light (in the bottom right photo) – it didn’t look like it was lit. For that photo I had to use Nik Software’s Viveza to select only that small circle and use saturation and brightness adjustments  to bring it back to life!

I’ve did a quick google search of other photos take of the Bassburger, and I think I like their lighting better. However, I didn’t see anything quite like the lighting I created, so I’m happy that I was able to find a new way of looking at it!

The reason I put it on the Lumiquest SBIII was because when I was just using the table, I didn’t think that it matched the design of the Bassburger. Perhaps if I had a different table I maybe could have made it work!

Moshi Bassburger Product Shot

1/200 at f11, ISO 200
Edited & Cropped in Lightroom

But I would say that it is more accurate to what it looks like in person, especially the right side of the Bassburger in the  photo. Either way, the 50mm Experiment is all about trying new things!

Oh, and I also figured out I need to revamp my watermark so it also works on white backgrounds!!! Haha!  😛



2 Comments on “Bassburger Product Shots”

  1. vk says:

    Neat little thing! What is the diameter? 5 cm? Quite a different look of the product on the different surfaces…

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Yeah, I would estimate it is around 5cm? I’m not very good at estimating. But it is a great speaker in a tiny package! I’m amazed by the bass that it puts out for something so small!

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