Festive Challenge


Happy Holidays!


Since December 1st has come and passed, I think it is acceptable for me to start talking about (and thinking about) the Festive Season.


For your second 50mm Experiment Photo Challenge (if you choose to accept it 😉 ), your assignment is to take a photo that captures the Festive atmosphere of this time of year.

Here’s the particulars:

Out of Focus Blobs (Bokeh) - 50mmWhat:

A photo that captures the Festive Atmosphere using a lens at 50mm.


This is such a great time of year full of celebrations, decorations, family,  great food and the giving spirit. Why not try to capture that?


You must use a lens at the 50mm focal length. This could be a prime (f1.8 or f1.4), or it could be a zoom lens set to 50mm. If you use a zoom lens, I will only accept photos +/- 5mm of 50mm. I will be checking the exif data to make sure everyone is at the correct focal length. So make sure the if you do edit your photo using software, make sure to save you exif data.

Otherwise, everything else is fair game. Usage of other photographic tools is allowed and in fact encouraged! Just make sure that you include that information with your submission. Only 2 submissions allowed per photographer and you can only submit a photo you have taken from when the challenge begins (now!). The 2 submissions DO NOT have to be of the same subject – please submit two completely different photos!

To where:

All photos should be submitted to photography@koreweb.com. Submissions remain property of the person who submitted the work and they give permission to the 50mm Experiment to post the submission on the blog.

By when:

Please have your photo(s) submitted by end of day Monday, December 20, 2011. I’m not too fussed about time zone differences, just make sure it is in by Monday at midnight wherever you live. I figure this gives everyone at least the weekend plus a day to take the photos and edit them.

I have added a few days so that regular readers have a head start! I’m guessing that other people will have time to check my blog on the weekend which will give them the one week to complete. We’ll see if people like this less or more!


As this is the giving time of year, I’ve decided to give the winner of this challenge $100 towards buying a print from Korinek Photography. It is the most feasible prize that I can do at the moment. If you would like to donate prizes for future challenges please contact me at photography@koreweb.com.

Based on your feedback, I will also choose a few “honourable mentions” that will receive exposure on this blog. If I get contacted that someone would like to buy a print of your photograph, I will definitely let you know!

Ideas – just to get those creative juices flowing 😉

  1. Don’t just think of Christmas! This is the first time I’ve even mentioned the word. There are many different festivals and celebrations from various ethnic and religious backgrounds that occur at this time of year – challenge yourself!
  2. Set up a collection of still life objects that are placed in a particular way.
  3. Get close! There are lots of reflective objects that you can use to capture things in interesting ways.
  4. Use people! Having humans in your photos make people connect with photos. If you can use those people to create a story in the eyes of the viewer, you’ll have done a great job!
  5. Think of the things that remind you of the Holiday season and use those things. If you have an emotional connection with the subject of your photo, you are more likely to create an emotional connection with the viewer.
  6. Use a wide aperture and put some distance between a person and festive lights, this will make those beautiful colours out of focus and become large and luminous (see photo above).
  7. Try something else that I didn’t even mention here – be creative! 🙂

The last challenge entries were great! I’m super excited to see what you come up with this time!! 

Post any questions in the comment area.



5 Comments on “Festive Challenge”

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  2. mazimages says:

    Great idea to have these challenges. This is a great way to improve your photography .

    You have my support 🙂

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