Quitting smoking can help you buy a camera

How is that even possible?!?!

Just ask John Milton.

John is one of the participants in the Inaugural 50mm Experiment Photo Challenge, and he decided to share his entries and write a bit about how he got into photography here.

I think this post is truly inspirational.

He says:

“Nine years ago I gave up smoking
(20+ a day) & set myself a challenge
that in one years time I would buy
myself a decent SLR using my fag money.
 £5+ a day for 365 days gave me a lot
of cash & I proudly bought a Canon 30D
plus lens and set out with a huge amount
of energy to take pictures.  To this day
I still save my £5 a day & have upgraded
cameras & lens where I now have a
5D Mk2 plus several L series lens.”


He was not only able to quit smoking (quite an achievement in and of itself), but he also leveraged this to fund one of his passions – photography! Perhpas it was even this goal of saving money to fund buying new equipment was a great motivator to keep him to his word of not having another smoke. But you will have to ask him that! Check out his whole post here.

I wonder if other people have stories where their love of photography has helped them improve their lives in other ways that are totally unrelated to photography like John has.

Great stuff!



2 Comments on “Quitting smoking can help you buy a camera”

  1. vk says:

    Awesome. That is a really great story as well as a couple of very nice leaf pictures! I do beleaf you had fun taking part John and spending a quality day with your flash 🙂

  2. rachel jane says:

    I actually saw his post prior to this post. It is inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

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