Not my usual sunset photo

Sublime Point Sunset

61 sec at f11, ISO 200
5 stop + 3 stop ND filters
Singh-Ray 3 stop Reverse ND Filter
Bulb exposure on a Tripod
Cropped & Edited in Lightroom

I generally love taking photos of sunsets. Tonight however, I was getting pretty frustrated!

The reason being is that I generally take my sunset photos with my wide angle 10-20mm lens. It lends itself to the types of photos I like taking. Because I was limited to use the 50mm, I found that I wasn’t quite getting the look I wanted. Part of me just wanted to switch out lenses and take my usual shots. However that isn’t the aim behind this blog. It is to force myself to be creative in ways that I haven’t necessarily been in the past.

So tonight at Sublime Point in Leura, the composition was definitely a challenge. I took a lot of shots before the sun went down behind the cliffs, but I wasn’t really stoked about any of them. The clouds were moving so slowly that even with a 30 second exposure you could barely see them moving. Luckily, as the light levels went down, I was able to get the type of movement I was looking for. It is a bit noisy due to the long exposure, but it is the best shot of the night!

If you have any questions about the technique, please post a question in the comment section!



One Comment on “Not my usual sunset photo”

  1. vk says:

    I guess maybe you got what you were looking at: A blue sunset in the Blue Mountains??

    I love the variety of the blues in the picture…

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