Inaugural Challenge

Welcome to the very first reader challenge on the 50mm Experiment!

I am really excited to see what kind of results you will create! I’m sure there will be many amazing photos.

As this is the first photo challenge I’ve ever issued, it will be a learning experience for me. I’m sure that once this is done I will have a better idea of timelines, rules, etc.

Here’s the particulars:


A photo of some type of plant life using a lens at 50mm.


I’ve done many plant shots using my 50mm, so I figure its a realistic first challenge. I do realize that I am currently living in the southern hemisphere where spring is in full swing. All of you in the Northern Hemisphere will have a tougher time finding vibrant plants outside. But there’s no rule as to whether the plant has to be in full bloom, or whether or not it can be a house plant – let your creativity loose!!


You must use a lens at the 50mm focal length. This could be a prime (f1.8 or f1.4), or it could be a zoom lens set to 50mm. If you use a zoom lens, I will only accept photos +/- 5mm of 50mm. I will be checking the exif data to make sure everyone is at the correct focal length. So make sure the if you do edit your photo using software, make sure to save you exif data.

Otherwise, everything else is fair game. Usage of other photographic tools is allowed and in fact encouraged! Just make sure that you include that information with your submission. Only 2 submissions allowed per photographer and you can only submit a photo you have taken from when the challenge begins (now!).

To where:

All photos should be submitted to Submissions remain property of the person who submitted the work and they give permission to the 50mm Experiment to post the submission on the blog.

By when:

Please have your photo(s) submitted by end of day Monday, November 28, 2011. I’m not too fussed about time zone differences, just make sure it is in by Monday at midnight wherever you live. I figure this gives everyone at least the weekend plus a day to take the photos and edit them.


As this is the first challenge, and the readership of this blog is still growing, the only prize I can offer at this time is exposure on this blog. One winner will be showcased on the blog and I will link to your site/blog. There will likely be a number of honourable mentions as well. If I get contacted that someone would like to buy a print of your photograph, I will definitely let you know!

Ideas – just to get those creative juices flowing 😉

  1. Take a photo of a flower or plant from an angle you haven’t seen before
  2. Play around with the direction of the light compared to your subject
  3. Make the plant your main subject, but juxtapose it onto something that you wouldn’t usually connect it to
  4. Think about setting a mood for your photo to evoke a certain emotion in the viewer
  5. Use a larger aperture (small f-stop number like f1.8) to blur the background, or make everything in greater focus by using a small aperture (larger f-stop number like f8.0 or f11)
  6. Ignore all my suggestions and let your creativity run wild. Both in the shooting and the post-processing!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!



11 Comments on “Inaugural Challenge”

  1. Fantastic idea Matt. I will do my best to submitt something worthwhile.

  2. Matt Korinek says:

    Thanks! I’m super stoked to see what comes out of this challenge. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot and be able to create an even better challenge next time. Let your photographer friends know if you think they would like to participate! 🙂

  3. rachel jane says:

    Does the plant have to be living?

  4. Matt Korinek says:

    No, the plant does not have to be living – although it should still be in plan form (i.e. a piece of paper is made out of a dead plant, but I wouldn’t consider it to be acceptable for this challenge). But if it just happens to be a plant that is dead, that’s totally fine. If you feel your photo is so abstract that you cannot tell that it is a plant, please provide an expanation of what the picture is of in your email submission.

    Does that help?

  5. rachel jane says:

    I am submitting my photo today!

  6. email sent, for good or ill it is in the cyber post.

  7. miltonjohns says:

    Hi Matt, all done. Entry winging its way to you now.

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