BLUE sisters

Two posts in one day?!?! What’s going on you ask?

Blue Mountains Three Sisters

1/400 sec at f4.0, ISO 200
2:1 Crop and Edited in Lightroom

Well at the starting of the same walk as the last post, I came upon a view of the famous Three Sisters that I visualized into the image above. There was a haze hanging the the valley that I knew I could exploit. The very front rocks were exposed in the original, but I knew I wanted them silhouetted to black. I also knew that the more panoramic 2:1 crop would work well. I then changed the colour balance to add a blue to the mountains that wasn’t as present when I took the shot, but is indicative of the Blue Mountains as a whole. Pretty stoked about how it turned out!

So I figured that two posts in one day can’t hurt. Hope you like them!



3 Comments on “BLUE sisters”

  1. miltonjohns says:

    Katoomba, this was where I visited. An amazing place, so beautiful & this picture captures it perfectly.

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