Day 8 – Taking opportunities

Beet Root Salad

1/125 sec at f1.8, ISO 400
Edited in Lightroom

Sometimes I just have too much on my plate to find time to do my photography. But because I’ve been dragging my camera and 50mm around everywhere, I’ve been able to take advantage of opportunities presented to me. While at my day job (working as a casual teacher at a local high school) I was asked to take a few photos of a special event! The school had a lunch made by visiting year 5 and 6s with the food they had grown in the Agricultural garden.

I’m only including the photos of food, since I’d need parental permission to post pictures of the kids online. I like the colour, texture and vibrancy of the beet root salad photo above. This tends to be my angle of choice when taking photos of food using the 50mm. I also used a top angle (as you can see in the gallery below) when the serving dish wasn’t very visually appealing. I suppose that the angle I choose is dependent on what I feel is the best way of presenting a meal photo based on its serving dish and properties (colour, texture, geometry, etc.).

Not my best food work since the lighting wasn’t ideal and neither were some of the serving dishes, but that’s okay! Have a gander at some of my other food photos on Sugar n Stripes – a great new blog that covers a wide range of subjec tmatter including recipes, crochet, books, photography, hiking and travel!

I love it when I can kill two birds with one stone and take pictures for someone while also getting something to post on this blog! Makes it feel more useful and makes me feel more efficient!



2 Comments on “Day 8 – Taking opportunities”

  1. vk says:

    It is actually good when you can intertwine hobbies with life and vice versa.. and I am sure the pictures of the kids you took are a great gift to them and the parents. Kids always enjoy the products of their own labour and likely have little consideration for whether the colour, texture and geometry are suited for photography :).

  2. They look good enough to eat…

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